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Wendy has consistently chosen professions that help people in her community. That is why she has joined the Preferred Advisor's team...so that she can continue to help members of the community she loves to find the homes they love. As a Buyer's Agent, she is committed to each and every client and will work diligently to help you have a positive experience throughout the buying process.
Wendy is very focused on her family, she has three grown children and six beautiful grandchildren. In the last year, she retired from a legal career for the opportunity to care for her youngest grandson, while his mom completed law school at Washburn University.
When she isn't showing houses, she loves to bake and cook. She also loves to tell new friends that one of the best places to eat in Topeka is her very own kitchen. She is also very passionate about the need for live theater and volunteers regularly at her local community theater.


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