Emporia KS is a great place to live, work, and play. It also has a lot of wonderful housing options, whether a buyer is looking for a single family home, a condo, or a townhouse. Getting a new home is an exciting time, and working with the Preferred Advisors Team of real estate agents can make it even better. Anyone buying a home needs the help and support of a quality agent who knows the area and can help the buyer by answering questions and providing information. Buyers get all of that and more with the Preferred Advisors Team. It is why people choose them over others when it comes to buying a home in Emporia.

In addition to looking at all the great Emporia KS houses for sale , buyers will want to explore the area and see what all it has to offer. Emporia is the county seat for Lyon County, and has a population of just under 25,000 people. While it is not a big city, it certainly has all the amenities residents and visitors would ever need. It is right between Topeka and Wichita on the map, where Route 50, two interstates, and the turnpike all meet. A college town that was founded all the way back in 1857, it has steadily grown and developed over the years.

Neighborhoods in Emporia KS

The population density of Emporia is just under 2,500 people per square mile, and buyers who are looking for Emporia KS homes for sale will have some smaller and some larger homes and lots to choose from. There will also be different neighborhoods to consider, including:

  • Reading/Admire

  • Merrick, Prairie St/W 15th Ave

  • City Center

Buyers can choose a neighborhood based on schools, proximity to attractions, or any other factors that are important to them. Having an agent who knows the area goes a long way toward finding the right neighborhood for any buyer.

Retirement Homes in Emporia KS

Retiring to Emporia or the surrounding area can be a great choice. There is a relaxed pace of life there, along with hunting, farming, and other activities to appreciate and enjoy. The climate is also generally comfortable, with only an average of 60 days of rain per year. For buyers looking to retire there, 11,242 housing units were in the city as of 2017. Maybe one of them would be the perfect choice for a buyer's new retirement home.

Emporia KS Townhomes for Sale

If a buyer is looking for a townhomes for sale in Emporia KS, there may not be a whole lot of options available. With a little bit of persistence and the right agent on their side, though, just about any buyer can find the townhome they are looking for in or around the Emporia area. If they want to expand their search, they might also want to consider a condo as their new home.

Emporia KS Condos for Sale

Like townhomes, the number of condos for sale in Emporia KS is also limited. However, that does not mean that buyers cannot find a great option if they are patient and continue to look. Condos and townhomes appear on the market all the time, and many of them are quickly sold. Buyers who are working with the right agent have the opportunity to put in offers on those condos quickly, to have a higher chance of getting the one they really want.

Schools in Emporia Kansas

There are nine elementary schools in the Emporia KS area, along with three middle schools and two high schools. That gives the children of the town options, and the opportunity to get a great education. Additionally, there are two colleges in the area for those same children to go on to gain more education after their high school careers are complete.

List of Schools in Emporia Kansas: