There are many great places to live throughout the country, and one of the best is Tecumseh KS. Its rich history dating from the 1850s makes it a fascinating location to explore. Tecumseh was settled back when Kansas was still a territory and not yet a state, and the post office opened back in 1855. After the Civil War, Tecumseh was nearly a ghost town for 90 years, but it began to grow again in the 1950s with the establishment of Dupont's cellophane plant and other businesses.

The homes for sale in Tecumseh come in a lot of different sizes and styles, so buyers can get what they are looking for at a price they feel good about. With plenty to do in and around the town, along with a climate that allows for a number of different activities throughout the year, Tecumseh can be an excellent place to live and play. With a short commute to great work and higher education opportunities in Topeka, Tecumseh offers much to its residents.

How to buy a property in Tecumseh, KS

When it comes to getting a home in Tecumseh the buying process does not have to be complicated, as there are a number of ways to purchase a home. Paying cash or getting a loan through a bank are the most common ways to buy a house, but renting to own or financing the home through the seller are also possibilities in some cases.

Homes for Sale in Tecumseh

By choosing a quality real estate agent to work with, a buyer can find all the great homes for sale Tecumseh KS has to offer. Once a particular house is chosen, the agent can guide the buyer through the process from writing a contract right up to the closing.

Tecumseh Facts and Attractions

Tecumseh KS homes for sale offer a lot of wonderful things for buyers to consider. There are currently more than 15 homes and lots for sale in Tecumseh, ranging from under $50,000 to over $440,000. That gives buyers the chance to find a piece of land to build on, or choose a great home that has already been constructed.

Single family homes are the most common options, as there are not that many condos or town homes in the area. The neighborhood a buyer chooses will matter, as well, as that can affect property values, school districts, and more.

Tecumseh Facts and Attractions

According to , there are two different elementary schools in Tecumseh, along with a middle school and a high school. That gives parents the opportunity to find a school that works well for their children, and choose a home that their family can grow in.

The small Tecumseh population of just over 7,700 provides a cozy, neighborhood, small town feel, while the median income of more than $73,000 helps to ensure a comfortable standard of living. The unemployment rate is low, at only 3.5 percent, and the Tecumseh KS homes for sale have a median income of nearly $176,000.

Nearby Neighborhoods

There are a number of neighborhoods in Tecumseh, including Gardener Estates, Highway 40, Reids, Lake Jivaro, Shawnee Heights, SE Tecumseh, and SE 23rd Terrace. Each one of these options has something different to offer, and the houses in each neighborhood provide buyers with choices they can consider when they look for a great new place to spend their time, grow their families, or downsize in retirement.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Schools in Tecumseh, KS

The schools in Tecumseh are all part of the Shawnee Heights school district, which serves approximately 500 students and offers pre-K through 12th grade educational opportunities. There are two pre-K facilities and two elementary schools. These schools are Tecumseh North and Tecumseh South Elementary School. There is also a middle school and a high school, both of which have good ratings.

Schools in Tecumseh

Property types in Tecumseh, KS

The main property type in Tecumseh is the single family home, as the small town generally does not have many town homes or apartments. There is also land for sale, for those who want to buy a piece of property they like and create a home to their specifications. Many homes are large, but those buyers looking for smaller homes are also able to find the kinds of properties that will work for them.

Property Types in Tecumseh

The best way for any buyer to find the Tecumseh KS homes for sale that will work for them is to choose the right agent. By working with a top real estate agent from the Preferred Advisors Team, a buyer can get a great home in a neighborhood where they will feel right at home.