November 06, 2019 at 11:19am | Preferred Advisors Team
Winter is a great time to spruce up your home in time for spring. If you're planning on selling your home next year, taking on home improvement projects during winter can also boost the value of your property. Here are seven winter home projects that are both fun to do and valuable.

1. Repaint.

Image: How to Build a House Blog

Liven up your walls by repainting them in bright colors. Winter is the best time to repaint your home interiors because it will give your eyes a pop of color that you wouldn't see in your snow-covered neighborhood. Applying a fresh coat of paint on your walls will energize you and give you the visual stimulation better than any holiday movie or Netflix series will. You can also repaint your furniture.

Remember to open the windows while repainting to let the paint fumes out. You can also use eco-friendly paints instead.

2. Adorn your home with crown moldings.

Image: Homesfeed

Refurbish your home further by adding crown moldings to the top of your walls or door frames. Crown moldings add appeal and value to your home and will make it attractive to prospective home buyers. They also hide dings and nicks on your wall.

Buy crown molding equipment and tools such as a miter saw and a nail gun at your local hardware store.

3. Add wainscoting to your walls.

Image: Architectural Depot

If crown moldings are not your thing, then you can add wainscoting to your walls instead. You can buy pre-painted wainscoting panels or plain ones and paint them in a color that complements your newly-painted walls.

4. Fix old handles and pulls on cabinet doors.

Image: Pixabay

We tend to overlook old handles and pulls on cabinet doors, especially if they still seem to work for us. But taking care of these small details can help in improving your home's overall look. New cabinet doors and handles can also catch the eye of discerning home buyers. You can also fix or replace your doorknobs.

5. Roll out new carpets.
Image: Pixabay

There's nothing better in winter than having a hot cocoa drink while sitting on a lush and beautiful carpet. 

Winter is the best time to buy a new carpet. You may already have one, but it looks old. Not only will the carpet make you feel warm, but also breathe new life to your living room.

6. Add insulation.

Image: Agape Press

This next task sure isn't pretty, but it will benefit you in the long run. Take a look at your floor joists, crawlspace, basement, attic and see if they need more insulation. 

Seek help from professional installers if you want to add insulation to your home. According to homeowners, the costs of having additional insulation installed are worth it. More insulation at home means spending less on energy bills and eligibility for tax credits. 

7. Work on your garden or yard.

Image: Pixabay

Don't wait until your garden or yard is in the thick of snow before taking on this project. Add fertilizer to your plants and trees in your yard before the harsh winter conditions affect them. This will provide them nourishment throughout the season and prepare them for beautiful spring.

Cover Image: Pixabay


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