November 14, 2019 at 12:51pm | Preferred Advisors Team
You seldom - or rarely - hear people wanting to buy a home in winter. Real estate listings and sales tend to dip during the winter season. That's because a lot of people don't like inspecting and doing transactions during the coldest time of the year. But do you know that it could be the best time for you to purchase a home? Here are some reasons why you should brave the winter cold to buy your dream home.

1. You can buy a home at a lower price.

Listings tend to cost less during winter when there are fewer buyers. Not only will you get to buy the home you want at a lesser price during winter, but you'll also get to save money, which you can use for renovating the home in spring o summer.

2. You have fewer buyers to compete with.

A lot of people postpone house-hunting to spring or summer when the weather is much more pleasant. That leaves you with fewer people to compete with for the home that you are eyeing.

3. You can easily negotiate with a seller during winter.

Homeowners usually have compelling reasons for them to sell their houses during winter when market demand is low. Divorce, financial difficulties, and relocation are some of the circumstances that force people to sell their homes during winter.

Because homeowners are motivated to sell, then they are more than willing to negotiate on the selling price, terms of the sale and closing costs. That's a plus for you as a buyer.

4. Real estate agents are very motivated to make sales during this period.

A lot of agents are required to close sales and meet quotas at the end of the year when there are fewer sellers - and even lesser buyers. These challenges motivate them to do well amidst the biting cold.

Since your real estate agent has fewer buyers to attend to, then he or she can focus on assisting you during home inspections and negotiating for you.

5. You'll get to assess houses in their worst condition.

Winter brings out the worst in houses, making it the best time to do inspections. During the home inspection period, you'll get to see if the home you're targeting to buy has proper insulation or not. That's very important for a buyer like you living in wintry Kansas.

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